Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

Tracing Cave Pindul In Upper Tubing

Pindul Cave
One of the caves that are popular in Yogyakarta Pindul Cave, located in the village of Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Kab Gunungkidul. In Pindul, visitors can explore the cave on rubber tires - or often called "tubing".

In contrast to most cave in Indonesia that is "dry cave" (tourists who can enter very easily), Cave Pindul include "wet cave", with the river flowing from the front to the mouth of the cave at the back.

The length of the cave itself ranges from about 300 meters to the river is very calm.Visitors who come and want to search the cave must register in advance at a cost of Rp 30 thousand per person. This fee includes rubber tires, life jackets (which bear the load of 100 kg), and guides. Your luggage may be deposited in the security, but should still carry a camera!After registering, you are welcome to bring a rubber tire to the mouth of the cave, about 200 meters from the registration. There, the guide will ask to pray first and explain the order. One is, you are prohibited from throwing any objects at random because the manager was trying to keep the cave and surrounding conditions.Pindul cave consists of three parts: the bright, dim, and the dark. The guides carry a flashlight as he explains about the condition of the cave. Stalactite and stalagmite caves Pindul dominate the interior. In some places there are pillars of the cave, the stalactites and stalagmite that had met and become such a pillar.At one location where there is a flat sebuat, reportedly once a hermitage. In this cave there are three protected animals, namely birds Seriti, swallows, and bats. According to the guide, it left a dark cave with no light to protect the bats that live in it.There are parts of the cave which narrows until only enough for a rubber tire. Visitors should turn this into the hallway. The guide will help pull the rubber tires.Towards the end of the cave, there is a location that can be used to jump. True said the guide, once you jump definitely hooked! Some visitors to jump 2 to 3 times.Up on the outside of the cave, adventure is not finished. Visitors are required to rise from the river to the top using a rope. Managers do not deliberately make a ladder to make the event more exciting to search the cave. Overall cruise cave takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Cave tours in Pindul is suitable for you who like adventure, or want to travel with family. This is a natural cave, the surrounding scenery was beautiful, ideal to spend the weekend.

If you have the opportunity to visit Pindul, do not miss a visit to the cave also Wren and Monuments General Sudirman who was very close from there. When hooked up the flow of water with rubber tires, please try the fringe package also caves with rubber tires on the Oya River not far from there. Here the traverse time about 1.5 hours.
To reach the cave pindul, from jogja over hills just kept pecking towards the city Wonosari to arrive at the intersection of the existing fountain turn left BPD Bank logo. Furthermore there are two options, first by using the services of a guide or a second look for yourself. If you want faster to use the first option is a guide service offered by the youth who hang out at the intersection of the fountain. They will pursue you to offer escort services to the cave pindul free. Why is it free? because if they bring you down to the cave pindul, they will get a commission from the manager of the cave. You do not need to give them any money. 
If you want to find their own way, looking for subtle ways to resist. For example, occasionally stopping to photograph the scene and say that you are not getting to the cave pindul but not photo-fotodulu. If they still insist, do not worry, they usually meant no harm. Just trying to find a little fortune.After turning left at the intersection of the fountain, and hold it (follow the existing road line markings) to meet the T-junction and turn right. continued again until it was straight at the traffic light there will be another fork to the left of the existing gate posts Bejiharjo Village. Go to the gate and follow the existing road markings line up at the location of the words of welcome. You will be greeted by a parking indicating where to park the vehicle. In the parking area there are food vendors, traditional drinks such as pecel catfish, wedang round, ice cream salad, lotek, etc.. There are also vendors such as kuda lumping toys, balloons, etc.. The presence of cave tourism pindul bring positive economic benefits to the surrounding community.Further cross the street and up the stairs to the information counter and the manager. There are three objects that can be visited the cave pindul, Wren, and whitewater rafting cave. We're just trying to cave pindul only. Cost per person Rp 30,000, - both adults and children. If you bring small children make sure children are not dark phobia. Facilities provided include 2 of the guide, life jacket, float tires, locker deposit of goods, rubber boots. 

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