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Angklung awfully fantastic bamboo mystical rithym from Indonesia.
Angklung is a traditional musical instrument, made from bamboo material has a distinctive sound and rhythm.  

Angklung is a combination of several instruments consisted of bamboo pipes with different sizes and placed in a small frame and shaken to remove noise.

Played by 20 - 60 people, covering both traditional and modern songs. One complete set of instrument consist of 42 single pieces, where each piece represents only one tone.

Several sets are used when playing Angklung in a big group. More than 20 people are needed to form a complete Angklung group, where each person holds 2-5 single pieces of Angklung. Good team work is needed, since every player contribute the tones to form a complete song. They have to harmonize each other to produce a proper melody. In Angklung orchestra, togetherness is the most important thing the group should has.

Types of Angklung
Several types of Angklung is often encountered include:
*Angklung Kanekes. Angklung is used for rice ritual and custom events.
*Angklung Dogdog Lojor in rural communities or Kasepuhan Pancer Pangawinan South Banten customs union are scattered around the Mist Mountain. Angklung is used for ritual rice
*Angklung Gubrag Cipining residing in the village, district Cigudeg, Bogor. Angklung is already old and used to honor the goddess of rice in the rice planting activities, carrying rice, and put into the barn
*Angklung Beds located in the Village Sanding, District Malangbong, Garut.
*Angklung Beans are located in the Baros, Arjasari, Bandung.

      Angklung is a bamboo mystical rithym musical instrument of Indonesia's cultural treasures, the fifth session of the UNESCO Inter-Governmental Committee in Nairobi, Kenya, 16 November 2010 at 16:20 local time, defined as the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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