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Parangtritis is an awfully beauty queen of south beach Yogyakarta and has a fantastic myth about Nyi Roro Kidul.  
Parangtritis is always ranked top in number excursions, compared to other beaches in south of Yogyakarta. Two things that make Parangtritis famous : a romantic view of the sun setting in the twilight and the myth of Nyai Roro Kidul. Many people believe that Parangtritis the gate Nyai Rara Kidul magical kingdom that controlled the southern ocean. In addition Parangtritis also known as the big waves and sand dunes, or so-called dunes.  

Parangtritis is a gently sloping beach, with rocky hills, white sandy beaches and coastal scenery and limestone hill on the north coast.
Only with an entrance fee of Rp. 3000, - there are many things you can do in Parangtritis. Watch the sunset is one of the most desirable. Therefore, the best time to go to Parangtritis is now dusk. Parangtritis twilight dim romantic partner also often used as a background picture bride before marriage. There is also a service gig that will take you along the smooth sand surface Parangtritis. In this area, tourists can wander shore using a hansom cab and horse hire and piloted by the locals. If you prefer to ride his horse directly, you can also visit a horse rental services.

Kite game can also be an option if you want to get a relaxed atmosphere. Parangtritis strong winds that can help you to fly a kite. Even beginners who have never played the kite will be flying his kite with ease with the help of wind Parangtritis. Naturally, if Parangtritis often being used as a kite festival. For the more adventurous, ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is worth a try. With the ATV, you can conquer the dunes along the coast. ATV rental costs around Rp. 50.000, - up to 100,000, per half hour.

Because the savagery waves, visitors Parangtritis not recommended for swimming. But on the beach bathhouse facilities are available. Among them is the water bath  Parang Wedang is said to treat various skin diseases. This is because the water contains sulfur baths. As well as a place of recreation, Parangtritis is also a sacred place. Many visitors who come to meditate. This beach is one place to do Labuhan ceremony of the Sultan's Palace.

Nyai Roro Kidul Painting
Getting Parangtritis
The beach is located about 27 Km from the city of Yogyakarta.To achieve Parangtritis, you can choose two ways. Firstly, the path of Yogyakarta – Imogiri – Siluk – Parangtritis offer awfully spectacular fantastic scenery river and mountain cliffs. Secondly, through the process of Yogyakarta – Parangtritis, more shorter and relatively good roads. Recommended not wearing green in honor of local residents who believed that green dress, which can lead to disaster. 

Among the local community, such mysterious events, reinforce the myth that sea power, commonly called Nyi Roro Kidul (Queen of the South Coast), likes to "eliminate" those who do not heed the rules of nature. Scientific study of the incidence of such further strengthens the theory that the ocean trench south of Java is loaded undercurrent that continues to move. Any item that swept the waves from the shore, dragged down and dumped in different locations.

In the dry season, the wind was blowing hard as not to be outdone by the pounding waves average 2-3 meters tall. Often there is a visitor heard the news swept the southern coast of the wave is lost. Surprisingly, the bodies of the fateful visitor, disappeared like the earth. Average SAR team could only find her body 2-3 days later after conducting searches. Typically, the location of the discovery of the bodies are not in an area where visitors are swallowed waves. Bodies were found hundreds of meters, sometimes even several kilometers from the original location.

Nyi Roro Kidul story of this very famous. Not only among the people of Yogyakarta and Surakarta, but across the whole island of Java. Both in Central Java, West Java and East Java. In the Yogyakarta area Nyi Roro Kidul story is always linked with the story of the king of Mataram. While in Malang inEast Java, especially in the South Coast Ngliyep precisely, Nyi Roro Kidul Kanjeng invoked as Queen of South Ngliyep Coast Labuhan ceremony was also held that the offering of the cult Nyi Roro Kidul believed that the wealth that they get is the help of Nyi Roro Kidul and his men.


That said, Nyi Roro Kidul is a beautiful queen like an angel, her beauty never faded at all times. At the base of the South Seas, the sea used to be called the Indian Ocean - south of the island of Java, he was enthroned in a kingdom of spirits that are very large and beautiful. 


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