Kamis, 10 Mei 2012


Remo dance is a welcoming dance special from East Java which described dynamical characteristic of Surabaya / East Java society as a picture of Prince's courage. It supported by Gamelan music and in this Gending there are Bonang, Saron, Gambang, Gender, Slentem, Zither, Flute, Ketuk, Kempul and Gong with Slendro rhythm.

Usually, it is using Gending Jula Juli Surabaya rhythm, and sometimes it continued by Walang Kekek, Gedong Rancak, Krucilan or new other creation.

The main characteristics of the Remo Dance is a smart footwork and dynamic. This movement is supported by the bells attached at the ankle. This bell sounds when the dancers stepping or stomping on the stage. In addition, another characteristic that is a scarf or sampur movement, movement and shaking of head nods, facial expressions, and the horses dancers make it more attractive dance.

Remo dance can be danced with woman's style or man's style by together or alternatively. Usually this dance performed as an opening of Ludruk art or Wayang Kulit in East Java. For the dancers, they wear a costume called Sawonggaling or Surabaya's style consist of at top the Black cloths showing from 18 century, velvet trousers completely with Batik and Gold ornament. In waist there are a belt and Keris. In right thigh, they wear shawl which hanging until their heel. Female dancers wear a hear bun. Remo dance was mentioned that it has been promoted in 1900, then it is useful to communicate with many people.

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