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The dance known as Reog Ponorogo is an awfully spectacular dance with a fantastic mysteri behind the mask. Several dancers wearing bright colorful costumes accompanied by merry gamelan music.

Reog Ponorogo is always played in the open terrain, such as in a square, street, etc. This dance which always draws a lot of spectators is a traditional art dance combined with magical show or a trance dance. The story is related with the legend in Ponorogo Kingdom    ( East Java ). Nowadays Reog Ponorogo dance groups can be found also in other regions of Solo, Yogya, other town in East Java, Kalimantan, Jakarta, even in Suriname. One of the famous group is Reog Ponorogo Prambanan in the border of Yogyakarta - Solo.

History of Reog Ponorogo

The powerful King Kelono Sewandono of Ponorogo Kingdom was famous with his fighting skills and magical power, accompanied by his Patih ( Prime Minister ) Bujanganom and his strong soldiers were attacked by King Singabarong, The King of Lions of Kediri Jungle, supported by his army, consisted of Lions and Peacocks.

At the time the Ponorogo's group were on the way to The Kingdom of Kediri guarding King Kelono Sewandono to marry Dewi Ragil Kuning, a princess of Kediri Kingdom.

There was a big fight between mighty warriors having magical power. The peacocks flew up and down flapping their wings to support The Lions - Singabarong.

Bujanganom with his magic whip, supported by some Waroks in black traditional dress defeated The King Lion with all his followers.

The King of Ponorogo and his soldiers merrily continued their way to Kediri on horse back. Singabarong joint the procession. The peacocks kept close to Singabarong opened their tail feathers which looked like beautiful fan.

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