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Cakalele is awfully mystical fantastic dance war Maluku. Cakalele is a traditional dance of Maluku, Indonesia which tells the Maluku community courage to defend themselves from enemy attack. Cakalele is a dance that depicts the gallant spirit of heroism. played by about 30 men and women. The men dancers of Cakalele typically use Parang (machete) and Salawaku (shield) while female dancers use Lenso (handkerchief).

The male dancer dressed in a war cloth that is dominated by red and dark yellow. On both hands of men dancer grasping traditional weapons, which are parang (machete) on the right side and salawaku (shield) on the left side, and wearing a hat that made of aluminium which decorated with a white fur. Meanwhile, the female dancers dressed in white, holding Lenso (handkerchief) in both hands. The dancers are dance in pair, with the accompaniment of Tifa (drum), flute, and also blown sound of bia (large scallop).

The specialty of this dance lies in three function symbols :
1. Male dancers wearing red dress costume, symbolizing the sense of heroism on the land of Maluku.
2. The sword in his right hand symbolizes the pride of Maluku people.
3. Salawaku (shields) and shouting loudly as an interlude that blaring on the dance are symbolizes the protest movement against the system of government in the colonial era that is considered unbiased to the public.

Cakalele dance can be found on the island of Haruku, Central Maluku. From Ambon, the capital of Maluku province, tourists can ride public transportation in the form of minibuses Tulehu majors. Then followed by a speed boat ride across the Strait of Tulehu, headed Haruku Island, and takes about 30 minutes.

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