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Batik Tulis
Generally, Batik is from textile tradition in Java Island Indonesia. The appearance of Indonesia Batik refers to Majapahit and Islamic spreading in Java. The notes of Batik excessively refer to Mataram realm. Batik is a king tradition and is inside the Palace (Kraton), then make it exclusively. Initially, Batik is used to Kraton families and used to kings, families, and their confessors. Because of many confessors lived outside Kraton, then Batik was taken and produced in their own places. As time goes by, Batik belongs to wide society.

Drawing Batik with Canting and Malam
Basically, Batik is a structuring of technique and color. The clothes are titled Batik if they use " Malam " to produce it. The first step of making Batik is using liquid " Malam" that drawn on a piece of cloth. The tool that used to make Batik is called " Canting " in a shape of pen with wooden handle completed with a container and pipes to channel the liquid "Malam". Batik is a process starting from drawing with "Malam", coloring, washing and cleaning. The white cloth is made by weaving affairs. The colors originally come from Indonesian plants like mengkudu, soga, nila and the soda comes from ashes, salt is from mud mixture.

As conclusion, Batik art in Indonesia appeared from Majapahit age and kept in developing in the next kingdoms. The spreading of batik belong to Indonesia generally and Javanese especially after eighteenth or nineteenth century. All of Batik productions are written Batik in twentieth century. Printing Batik became popular after the first worl war or 1920's. The development of Batik grows rapidly supported by textile industrial technology and crafter skill. Nowadays, Batik becomes an exclusive enchantment.

Written Batik
Types Of Batik Techniques On How To Make It :
* Written Batik ( Batik Tulis)
   Making Batik with handmade technique, use "Canting" with "Malam" to drawn.

Stamp Batik patterns
* Stamped Batik ( Batik Cap )
   Making Batik using stamp that made from copper with  
   Batik  patterns in it. This stamp is called "canting  cap".
   Usually, this kind of Batik is made by men. by looking at
   the production, this technique economies energy and drawing
   or designing the pattern are not needed.

* Printed Batik
   Making Batik using silk screened. Printed Batik is a new type
   of Batik that expands very fast, although no one can determine
   when it starts.

Types of Batik Motives:
* Pekalongan Batik
* Cirebon Batik
* Yogyakarta Batik
* Madura Batik 

Batik Indonesia was officially recognized by UNESCO incorporated into The Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in the 4th Session of the Intergovernmental Committee of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Abu Dhabi.

Here, in the development, Batik art worked on people and spread whereas many housewives worked on it to fill their leisure time. Next, the Batik did not merely belong to the nobles, more over, became awfully fantastic most wanted traditional cloth for men and women in Indonesia.

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