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Sianok Canyon

Sianok canyon called because it flows through the canyon "Trunk Sianok" which means crystal clear river, canyon or valley and canyon called Sianok, located in the border town of Bukittinggi, District IV Koto, Agam regency, West Sumatra. Magnificent stretch of the steep valley extends up to 15 kilometers. Width with a depth of 200 meters to 100 meter cliff located at Mount Singgalang become the mainstay of tourism icons of West Sumatera Province. Sianok rod can now be forded by the use of canoes and kayaks by a water sports organization "Qurays". The route taken is from village to village Sitingkai Lambah Trunk Palupuh for about 3.5 hours. 

Sianok canyon is also often referred to as the "Dream Land of Sumatra" has the scenery is stunning and it is so cool. Like a green velvet blanket surrounded by beautiful hills, this is the appearance of this beautiful valley when viewed from above. On the hills in the canyon Sianok grow rare plants like the Rafflesia or carrion flowers, medicinal plants, and so forth. At the base of the canyon you can take a relaxing stroll, greet the locals who live in settlements in the surrounding area. You can also find a variety of fauna in the canyon Sianok like long-tailed monkeys, siaman, hoops, deer, wild boar, leopard, and tapir.

Sianok elongated and winding canyon as the southern border town of Koto Gadang canyon until the canyon Tower Sianok Six Tribes, and ends at Palupuh, is part of the fault which divides the two island of Sumatra. Fault known as the Fault Semangko (shaped like a watermelon cleaved) form the walls of a steep, even perpendicular and form a green valley - a result of the movement down the earth's crust (sinklinal) - which the water flowed clear Sianok Trunk. In the Dutch colonial era, the gap is also called buffalo sanget, because of the many free-living wild buffalo in the bottom of the canyon.

If you enjoyed from Panorama Park is deliberately constructed by local governments in the area of ​​Bukit Tinggi, the beauty of the canyon Sianok looks very unusual. Panorama of the park is also a lot of local and foreign tourists enjoy the sunrise and sunset in the canyon Sianok. Its beauty is so stunning and is a good target for amateur and professional photographers and nature painter to immortalize it.

When the heavens parted and the sun emerged from the crevices of the canyon slopes with a blinding light, or when "the king's lunch" was prepared to fall down before twilight, and left traces of orange on the side of the canyon walls, the beautiful scenery that is very dear to miss.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the canyon from Panorama Park, just pay a fee of Rp 3,000 per person. At Panorama Park, visitors can also enjoy the tourist sites are Japanese hole in the basement area Sianok canyon. Just need to pay for another tour guide around Rp 20,000. The location of this Japanese hole about 40 feet below ground. This hole was established in 1942-1945 by local populations on the order of the Japanese army forced. Inside the dungeon, there are 21 small hallway. Among them was the ammunition storage hall, kitchen, prison, courtroom, torture chamber, where reconnaissance, ambush, and escape doors.

To reach the Sianok Canyon Panorama Park which is about 1 km from the center of Bukittinggi (Clock Tower and the Upper Market) can be performed using a vehicle or on foot while enjoying the cool air Bukittinggi. The canyon is spectacular scenery can be enjoyed from there as he saw the agility of monkeys living freely in the canyon area is Park.

A number of airlines provide scheduled to fly from Jakarta to the Minangkabau International Airport, Padang. From Padang, Bukittinggi to within 90 km can be reached by car or minibus rental.  

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