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Senggigi Beach is a favorite destination for the traveler during a visit to Lombok because has an awfully romantic a fantastic twilight. This place is always visited by tourists because of its beauty. In addition to the traveler, Senggigi Beach was also the main attraction for newlyweds. Beautiful beaches with perfect twilight make a special place for a honeymoon. Its beauty will add to the romance of your holiday.

For those of you newlyweds, traveling to the Senggigi Beach is very nice. This beach has clean white sand. The waves were calm, plus a sloping beach will pamper you with a partner. Playing on the beach like a little child, will add to the cheerful atmosphere you both.

One more interesting thing is the beauty of the twilight had felt on Senggigi beach. Beauty of the sun that went into the contest be a wonderful attraction and affection for the miss. Looking out to sea through the orange sun rays increase the romance in Senggigi beach. Just sitting in the beach with a sunset drink while feeling able to momentarily relieve the boredom caused by daily activities.


Wait until dusk, golden yellow light will add a romantic atmosphere. Dusk at Senggigi Beach is famous for its beauty. Do not forget, to capture the moment into the camera.

One good place to enjoy the sunset at the beach is a coastal headland near Senggigi Beach Hotel, where the area is provided in the form of a sea wall by the stairs so they can enjoy lounging at the time the sun sets. And you can see also fishing attraction by locals fishermen.

To Getting Senggigi Beach

This Senggigi beach is at the western island of Lombok. This beach overlooking the Lombok Strait, which borders the island of Bali. This beach is located not so far from the city of Mataram airport or in Ampenan, only 1/2 hour drive by private car, taxi, or motorcycle. From Mataram, you ride the public transportation Sweta - Ampenan a cost of about Rp 3,000 / person. Then until Ampenan you proceed to use the public transportation route Ampenan - Senggigi at a cost of about Rp 2,000 / person.


Arriving in the parking lot of Senggigi Beach, you just take 5 minutes to walk to the beach. Along the road to the beach a lot of souvenir vendors, food and beverages that will offer merchandise to you. When entering the beach area, there are two large gazebo at the front entrance on the north side of the beach and the beach. Gazebo located in front of the entrance into the beach is usually used by local fishermen to rest. In the gazebo there is also snorkeling equipment rental place. Your first trigger hunger and thirst? Just stop by the gazebo to the north, lots of food and drink typical of Lombok are ready to serve your appetite.

Like to surf? Go into the south side of Senggigi Beach. Waves were challenging enough to be explored with a surf board. If you just want to canoeing fun, can stop by the side of the beach facing the Senggigi Beach Resort.

The waters in this area is relatively quiet and is suitable for canoeing. It is said that all the tourists visiting the Senggigi Beach will close its activities on the beach to watch the sunset.

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