Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Namalatu Beach

Namalatu beach lies to the west of the city of Ambon, is 15 km from the city center. Visitors who drive cars can achieve it in a travel time of approximately 35 minutes.Namalatu beach dealing with the Banda Sea, located on the southern island of Ambon, in the Village Latuhalat, District Nusaniwe. Namalatu word itself is derived from the name and the name and Latu which means King. Latulahat village is brick production centers are traditionally made ​​by the community and has been going on for generations.

Clove boat craftsmen, unique souvenir Maluku also present in this village. The village also has a beach with beautiful sea garden making it perfect for swimming, snorkeling and diving. This location is also an ideal fishing spot. White sandy beaches and some rocky. In March / April appears laor (lycde Oele) a type of marine worm drawn abuzz at night with lighted torches and nyiru. Lighting the torch along the coast into a very beautiful night scenery.

The water is crystal clear plus the pounding of the waves are so challenging, as if stunned tourists make, and can not wait to try out sport diving in there.The clear green sea that makes you as if telescoped into the ocean floor, so it can be seen the charm of a beautiful sea floor.Quiet and comfortable area coupled with the palm tree lined around the sea, makes you enjoy your stay there all day. Not only that, there are cliffs of rock lengthwise, as if around the coast, seemed to be in a private resort.

A gentle sea breeze and blazing sun that teased Ambon, Indonesia makes you more love, because it has an attractive tourist area of ​​anyone's eyes.In general, this attraction is quite well organized and have support facilities for people who want to picnic there.Besides hawker stalls salad, fruit ice and other food quite a lot, there is also cottage for a meeting or perform.

Dozens of thatched seat painted blue and clear as to add beauty looks rocky coasts of this board.One thing you may feel a lack of parking space is limited.Not to mention the show at 14.00 WIT, most vehicles had parked outside in the street near the long wall that limits the area attractions.
When the late afternoon and the sky began to blush, even a growing number of visitors who went home, leaving the coast Namalatu in solitude.

When the goddess of the night actually was approaching, the remaining one to two visitors who remain seated on a concrete breakwater, they seem to so enjoy the silence, removing his eyes out to sea.A moment later the atmosphere had become completely silent and no longer see any kids frolic on the beach with the waves.In the distance, barely visible fishing boats moving swiftly out to sea to catch fish.

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