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Mandau dance of the Dayak community symbol of fighting spirit in defending Dayak tribe status and dignity. Mandau dance is one of the many types of dance that was born from the culture of the Dayak community culture in Central Kalimantan. Mandau dance is performed by men of four in pairs. Mandau is the name of a kind of sword in Kalimantan of a unique form and a beautifully decorated sheath.

The costume is very simple, consisting only of a loin cloth and a piece of ribbon with feathers round the head. Mandau Dance group dancers are often equipped with Mandau grip on the right hand, while on the left hand Talawang fend off the enemy as a shield Dayak tribes also appear sturdy tune Dancing Mandau Dayak tribes are shown.

The accompanying music is also very simple: only a string instrument like a guitar. The dancing position is for greater part a squatting one. First the dancers, turning round and round, play with their mandaus or swords and their shields. When each faces his partner, the war dance starts.

In addition to describing the patriotic citizens of the Earth Tambun Bungai to keep the homeland, Mandau Dance Central Kalimantan Dayak tribe is also a symbol of virility of the Dayak of Central Kalimantan in the face of all sorts of challenges in the areas of life.

In every show or dance offerings Mandau sound lacks rhythm and sonority Gandang Garantung very loud. Harmonization of the traditional music of these bring energetic rhythms, as if inviting them to hear and see Mandau Dance offerings even more excited as the Dayak warriors who are ready to jump into the battlefield.

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