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Lembah Baliem Festival

Lembah Baliem Festival is gathering of tribe in Papua. The main point of interest of the festival will be the massive tribal attraction involving different tribes living on the villages around Baliem Valley such as Dani, Lani and Yali tribe. All tribes group will deliver their envoy to attend the festival while bringing all tribes attributes, kotekas, art and craft. Lembah Baliem Festival  is a right chance to observe the rich culture of the hinterland.

Baliem Valley area is mainly occupied by three main big clan, namely Dani, Yali, and Lani. They have different phisical feature, culture and way of life as well as unique custom. Many kinds of tribal attraction will be performed by the stone - age tribe group. Among them are the Mocked War, Pig Feast, Earth Cooking Ceremony, Traditional Mouth Harpa, etc.To show the stimulation of war, Kampung Wosiala, Village Wosilimo Kurulu District, the local government has prepared a plot of land with a wide field about 400m x 250m, which can display the war show about dancers 500-1000

Staging war games are usually scheduled for 2 days with displays of tribal warfare about 26 war group consisting of 30-50 people per group. Then in a separate area also featuring traditional music game pikon created from the bark, called in his mother tongue "Hite" (bark to bow). While the song being played is an expression of the hearts of the music player in the ring and then played back to console her and the listeners. Interestingly, not everyone can play the Baliem Valley of the instrument, as it requires special expertise.

Special attractions Sege throwing and archery competitions devoted to international tourists in honor of his visit. Foreign tourists can also try to live the culture by wearing koteka Baliem Valley and blacken his body as the ancient natives, so that helped liven up the atmosphere of the festival.

To achieve Jayawijaya district, can only be reached by traveling through air transport (aircraft), and require considerable expense, but the satisfaction you will be paid off if you watch the whole Baliem Valley Festival activities and witnessed firsthand the true life of the Dani, Yali, and Lani tribe. To be able to get to the Baliem Valley, visitors must pass through the main airport in Papua province, the Sentani Airport. Sentani airport can be accessed by using maspakai flight from Jakarta, Surabaya, and Manado. On arrival at Sentani Airport, visitors can go on with the aircraft Hercules and Twin Otter to Wamena, the capital of Jayawijaya.

Wamena Baliem Valley currently has some jasmine-class hotel is quite comfortable include: Hotel Baliem Pilamo, Ranu Jaya I and II, Baliem Valley Resort, Hotel Orchid, Hotel Nayak as well as some traditional inn (honai) that has been created especially for foreign guests countries that want to enjoy life as the local community. Everything can be reached with relatively low prices. WELCOME! Here too you can come together and mingle with the people who still hold fast to traditions that may be far different from what we have. All that is found in the Baliem Valley will surely make your trip will always be fond of all time.

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