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Cruising South Sumatra

South Sumatra covers an area of 103,000 square kilometers. There are large rivers with thousands of streams in the province. The region also known as land of Sriwijaya, is named after a Buddhist empire over a thousand years ago. Sriwijaya was the greatest maritime kingdom in the history of Indonesia. This kingdom had maintained a very good relationship with ancient China, mainly for trades but also science exchange. During the golden years of Sriwijaya, the trading network covered Jawa shores, Malay Peninsula, Southern Thailand, and Madagascar in South Africa. Nowadays coal mining, agriculture, oil refining and fertilizer production are the main industry for South Sumatra.

The local tradition and culture of South Sumatra people is similar to Malay. It is believed that the Malay descended from Bukit Siguntang, a hill located near Palembang. There was also strong Indian influence in their beliefs dating the first millennium, includes veneration of natural objects such as rock, stones, and trees.

Places of interest and commercial activities are centralized in Palembang, the capital city that was formerly that ancient capital of Sriwijaya Kingdom. According to Sanskrit Inscription, the city was founded on the 17th of June 683. The Musi River flows through the city of Palembang and the city grows along this 600 meters wide river. Spanning across the river is Jembatan Ampera (Ampera Bridge), a city landmark that was built by Japanese in 1964. 

Places of Interest
Port of Boom Baru

Bala Putra Dewa Museum
This museum was built in 1977 and was originally named Museum Negeri Propinsi Sumatra Selatan (The South Sumatra Museum). The name Bala Putra Dewa is taken from a name of well respected king who ruled the area between 8th to 9th centuries. Bala Putra Dewa Museum exhibits traditional houses, ceremonies, technology, art and crafts and collection of megaliths of South Sumatra.

Rumah Limas (Limas House)
Rumah Limas is a traditional Palembang house. It has a very distinctive roof - in style with decor. The Museum of South Sumatra is two old Rumah Limas that said to be over 300 years.

Cruise The Musi River
The Musi River is approximately 500 meters wide and it runs about 600 kilometers long, flowing along the heart of the city of Palembang. Visitors can hire a boat to cruise the Musi River, enjoy the views of the countryside as well as the visiting to the houseboats and the locals live.

Ampera Bridge
Ampera bridge is a landmark in the city of Palembang. It was built in 1960, spans the Musi River and links between the upstream (Seberang Ulu) and downstream (Seberang Ilir). From Ampera Bridge visitors have the chance to enjoy the spectacular view of the city.

Palembang Heritage Tour
Duration : 6 Hours

10:00 Boom Baru, Departure
10:00 - 11:30 Cruise Musi River
12:00 - 13:15 Lunch
14:00 - 14:40 Bala Putra Dewa Museum
15:00 - 15:30 Rumah Limas
16:00 Boom Baru, Arrival

Source: Cruising Indonesia by Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Indonesia

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