Minggu, 13 Mei 2012


Srimpi dance is also awfully sacred fantastic dance of Central Java performed by four girls dancers, because it has a common sense of the word Srimpi with number 4. Only the dancers Renggowati Srimpi there are 5 dancers. Sri means a queen, Impi means desire, wish. The wish to live in honor and peace. The Srimpi dance originally performed in the Pendopo (open hall) of Javanese mansion with four main pillars in the middle. It is believed when Srimpi dance is performed correctly, it should give magical power.
The dance has a very soft movement depicting a good moral behavior. The dancers have the same dresses and make up, wish that people not to be jealous one to another. The life of mankind should be in accordance with the nature consisting of fire, water, wind and soil. 
As a classical dance palace beside Bedhaya, serimpi live in the palace of Yogyakarta. Srimpi dance is considered art and heritage Adhiluhung Kraton. Displayed on a dance theme Srimpi virtually identical to the theme of the dance Bedhaya Sanga, which describes the conflict between the two things are contrary to the good with the bad, between right and wrong between human reason and human passion.

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