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Panorama  Kawah Putih is an awfully truly a fantastic beautiful heaven spills nature in the world and fascinating, located in the tourist area of ​​Ciwidey , southern city of Bandung, within 46 miles or 2.5 hours from Bandung to Kawah Putih.  

From the entrance to the crater is about 5 km or can be taken approximately 20 minutes. Through the paved road winding with a view of the natural forest with diverse species of plants. Kawah Putih ( white crater) is located on a mountain called Mount Patuha.with a height of 2434 above sea level and temperature of 8-22 degrees Celsius, making the surrounding air is cool with the surrounding scenery is very beautiful, with a crater lake water is greenish white, in stark contrast with the white limestone around lake.
To Getting Kawah Putih

There are three ways to go there, from Mohammad Toha, Buah Batu and Kopo, but all of them are heavily traffic. If you're lucky, without traffic jams, you could be there in one hour from Bandung north, Kopo. But there is another route that you can take without having trouble with traffic but the road is very bad and you need a guide who knows the road very well, through Leuwigajah and Soreang. It takes longer than you need to go there, but it's free from traffic and the view is an awfully a fantastic. Along the way to Ciwidey there are strawberry fields. You can stop there to pick them by yourself for some price. About IDR 40,000 or $4 for a kilo.But it's cheaper to buy them in the area of Kawah Putih.

Long ago, people thought that the crater is haunted because many birds die instantly through this crater.
Then denied even this belief, when in 1837 a Dutch German scientist Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghun who is also a Dutch planters who love nature conservation research and found that the awesomeness is caused by a burst of lava sulfur smell was overpowering. But when the discovery of the fact that people were not interested in making this place as a tourist attraction. Only after PT Perhutani developed in 1987, made Kawah Putih (​ White Crater ) area attractions in West Java. Water in the crater of this mountain of light and  also constantly changing. This is what eventually became the main attraction.  

Crater surface is generally rocky and sandy white color, so that the crater was later known as the white crater ( Kawah Putih ). Some researchers say that Patuha still active, so it found a crater glow still churned. Also found near this place a 5-meter deep cave once used as a sulfur mine. I wonder if some of the steamy crater of a sudden a lot, and visitors found to be coughed  from inhaling air that smelled of sulfur is very sharp.

Some activities to do in Kawah Putih  ( White Crater ) is: Prewedding Photos, Trekking, Horseback ATV Motor, Performing Arts and Culture. If you already know the wonders of nature Kawah Putih, would say nothing as beautiful as Kawah Putih ( White Crater ) crater. Because of its natural beauty, Kawah Putih often used as a Photo prawedding (very much), filming movies and soap operas. Even today in Bandung and the surrounding cities as well, if anyone would like prawedding photo, Kawah Putih will always be the top choice.The beauty of Kawah Putih (white crater) is difficult expressed in words. Kawah Putih was ever a place where heaven spills down to earth, so graceful, quiet, away.

July, August temperatures can drop as low 10 ° C in the daytime and at night 5oC. A breeze carries away the mist of concentrated sulfuric vapors away. Yell vigorously; purported to be forwarded by the echo of his padas walls to heaven. Around the crater during the dry season is quite easy to do; searching teriyang standpoints perhaps runoff from heaven.

Visitors will not stand for long exposed to the cold mountain air leaks into the bone marrow. Bandrek sips at a stall in the parking lot capable of providing a sense of warmth in the throat is dry.


The atmosphere of silence in the place will bring relaxed atmosphere. Your inner resonance with the environment is able to fill the battery life replenished.

On the way to the crater, we will pass the object of interest such as old railroad tracks, fields of yellow, green tea gardens and pine forests and wide. Direction of the line white crater you can go on to Situ Patenggang or camping to Ranca Upas, which is also the breeding of deer, or swim in the heated pool Ciwalini. Ciwidey road from the highway to the parking area near the crater, was slightly damaged, but it did not dampen White crater visitors intention to come there. From day to day visitors continue to crowd out and multiply. Perhaps because the roads are not cool to feel already the night, fear not, here are widely available accommodation that you can rent to stay. Go or go home from the crater do not forget to stop at the white strawberry plantations in the region Rancabali. There you can pick your own fruit to take home. 

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