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Adventure travel at West Nusa Tenggara is an awfully challenging with fantastic mountain to climb. Enchantment owned beauty of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is not just a coastal tourist destinations. The province also has a real adventure travel, especially to be very challenging mountain to climb.


Map of West Nusa Tenggara
What mountains are there in the province famous with the name Bumi Gogo Rancah?

Mount Rinjani 
Mount Rinjani is located to the north of Lombok and is the third highest volcano in Indonesia. Height reaches 3,726 meters above sea level. Since 1990, Mount Rinjani is expressed as the Mount Rinjani National Park.

The mountain is renowned as one of the mountain in Indonesia with the landscape and stunning beauty. During the trip, you'll pass through tropical forest. Climbing the mountain is different from climbing mountains in Java as a challenge that is difficult to predict. The first challenge, for example, you will pass the wide plains and rolling hills. Land barren, dusty, with extreme weather and rapidly changing energy will drain you.

Segara Anak Lake
In the last resting place before reaching the peak, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Segara Anak is vulkanis formed by the eruption of this mountain. From this place, you need the travel time of approximately seven hours to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani.

To get to Mount Rinjani, can access through the city of Mataram by the three hiking trails. First, the path Sembalun, from Mataram to the Village Sembalun for 4-5 hour trip to use the vehicle. Sembalun to the top of Rinjani during the seven-hour drive away. Second, Senaru path, from Mataram to Senaru Village, Bayan District, during the 3-4 hour trip to use the vehicle. Then Senaru to the top of Rinjani for 9-10 hours on foot. Third, Torean path, from Mataram to Torean for 4-5 hour trip using public transportation. Then, towards the summit of Rinjani Torean for 8-9 hours on foot.

Mount Tambora
Mount Tambora
is a volcano on Sumbawa Island has reached the height of 2.851 meters above sea level. After the largest eruption on, leaving a panorama of Mount Tambora unique and charming natural charm.

Internationally, Tambora was an awfully famous as The Greatest a fantastic Crater in Indonesia or a mountain that has the largest crater in Indonesia. Width along the crater of Mount Tambora crater with a circumference of seven kilometers along the 16 kilometers and has a distance between the peaks on the basis of crater 800 meters deep.


Mount Tambora area is divided into two sites of conservation, namely North Tambora Wildlife Reserve with an area of ​​30 hectares area of the peak of Mount Tambora. There, you can more freely  views of an awfully fantastic crater, the desert, the ocean sea, and island Satonda.

Access and transportation to the Mount Tambora could be taken from the Branch Banggo, Studio District, Hamlet Pancasila during the 2.5 hour trip to use the vehicle.


Nanga Doro 

Nanga Doro is a traditional resort areas in the mountains near the famous Hu'u with hot springs, the temperature may reach 80 degrees Celsius. This place is really suitable to rest and relax sore muscles after a full day of surfing.


Tete Batu Mountain 

Tete Batu Mountain lies at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level with views of beautiful countryside and the air cool and clean and fresh so you will feel relaxed and comfortable. In addition, villagers are also friendly and welcoming.

If you still want to move on to other attractions at the foot of Mount Rinjani, Tete should stop at the rock because this place was in the middle of the path to some attractions, like Niagara Aiktemer, Brain Kokoq, Village Pringgasela, and Suradadi.

Bukit Malimbu 

Malimbu hill is a plateau which is the canal area of ​​Senggigi beach. This place is a very beautiful place with stunning natural scenery.

On this hill, you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets with views of Mount Agung, Bali, and a row of islands in the northern island of Lombok. Natural beauty and amazing panoramic hill location makes it ideal for photographers to try out his abilities.

Landscape of this hill has to offer is quite diverse, ranging from the blue beach, waves, the sunset, the green mountains, up to a row of small islands. Lots of monkeys that roam the hills because it is still a lot of big trees.

Access and transportation to the  Malimbu Hill can be started from Mataram for 30 minutes using a personal vehicle two or four wheels.

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