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Sunset at Anyer Beach
Anyer awfully fantastic peaceful beaches and inspiring.Natural beauty and peace atmosphere Anyer beach a favorite place of tourists to celebrate the joy and sadnes. Such well-known Indonesian music group, Slank make Anyer Beach as inspiration for the song Anyer March 11. You can listen to the song Anyer March 11 to complete your imagination about Anyer Beach.

Mount Krakatau
Anyer beach has many awfully unique enchantments. Its fantastic white sands amaze many tourists. They are so pure, we can feel the softness of the sands. The deep blue sea attracts many divers around the world because its various sea lives are so completely perfect. The sea breeze can make visitors' mind fresh, out of stress and enjoy. And the last enchantments that can make Anyer Beach as the most favorite place to visit is the view of the legendary Krakatau Mountain and its Historical Lighthouse.

To Get There
Anyer (also Anjer) is a town in Banten, formerly West Java, Indonesia, fifteen kilometres south of Merak, about 160 kilometers with a travel time of about two hours' drive from Jakarta by highway. From the highway, you can exit at East Serang Toll Gate or at West Cilegon. If your destination is the Anyer beaches, take the exit  for West Cilegon for a shorter trip. Then, proceed toward the direction of Anyer. Various signpost easier for visitors to reach the site, whether using the bus or the use of private vehicles. Visitors can also access the beach by train Anyer majors Jakarta-Merak. Anyer Beach is located within the administrative region Sub Anyer, Serang regency, Banten province, Indonesia.

Anyer Lighthouse
It is home of a forty metre lighthouse built by King Willem III of the Netherlands in 1885 as a memorial for the townspeople killed by the eruption of Krakatau, which destroyed the town. It is also the starting point of the Great Post Road, built by the Dutch in the nineteenth century, which ran 1,000 kilometres to the eastern tip of Java. Off the coast of Anyer is the island Pulau Sanghyang, an uninhabited island with vast areas of untouched jungle. The area is also known for coral formations swarming with tropical fish.

Banana boat under the sunset
Anyer Beach is a tourist attraction with hot swimming water, a hotel and rental of resting sheds, boats, four-wheeled motorcycles, water scooter and a banana boat. It's really pretty during sunset. A beautiful sea sight with all activities such as Jet Ski, Speed Boat, Para Sailing and other aquatic sport, those types of activities can be found here, as well as sunset view from the beach and an old lighthouse at Cikoneng. A lot of hotels from jasmine to international 5 stars can be tourist best choices to stay. Anyer is a popular beach resort for Jakarta.

This beach area is also equipped with optical filber network to access the internet and good communication networks and international distance, so that visitors can establish communication and keep track of the outside world. Lined street hawkers and stalls along the beach tents, as well as restaurants and restaurants that offer a variety of menus, provide many options for visitors to eat foods that are in accordance with her wishes.

Recent (2011) Indonesia plans are that the proposed Sunda Strait Bridge, an ambitious megaproject scheduled to start in 2014, will stretch from Anyer across the Sunda Strait to Lampung in South Sumatra.

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