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If we are to Manado, North Sulawesi, there is the famous phrase that describes the characteristics of Manado is 4 B. Bubur Manado, Bunaken, Boulevard, dan Bibir Manado. 

B The first refers to the typical food Manado Manado Porridge. Made from a mixture of rice porridge, pumpkin, cassava boiled, sliced ​​corn, vegetables, spinach, leaf suraung, and other seasonings. It feels incredible pleasure. Manado porridge is delicious and well-known in the city of Manado is located at Jalan Wakeke. Therefore Manado porridge restaurants that sell are always called Restaurant Wakeke. Manado porridge taste better when shared Nikei, a type of scours dent made ​​from small fish, fried fish and fufu Cakalang. Besides it can also be enjoyed with fried tofu and dent corn.

The second B is Bunaken. Famous marine park founded by Prince Bernard. The beauty of Bunaken Marine Park to match the beauty of the sea in the Great Barrier reef, Australia. In Bunaken sea we will find one of the ancient fish species choelacant fish (sea king fish) that live at a depth of 80 meters. This fish is commonly called Selakan by the community. This kind of fish live only in two places, namely at Bunaken and in the sea Komoro, West Africa. This fish was discovered by Mark V. Erdmann. Mark first saw this fish caught fishing nets (as usual arrested the local fishermen), once observed that fish caught in the web of fishermen is one of the ancient fish species are endangered and protected.

The third B is the Boulevard. Referring to one of the new economic growth areas in the city of Manado which juts into the sea reclamation. Boulevard is on the road we find many shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and other business activities. This area is visited by people from various areas in North Sulawesi.

B the latter is a lip Manado. This expression refers to the attitude of the community over Manado and North Sulawesi, both men and women who are always ready smile (keep smiling), sociable (ekstrovet) and friendly (hospitality). Try it you ask them, would be met with joy and pleasure.

Being in the Bunaken Marine Park, Bunaken Subdistrict Kel.Bunaken about 7 miles from the Port of Manado which can be taken for 35 minutes from downtown by boat motors. At first Bunaken is a coral island (atoll). It covers an area of about 887.5 hectares with a slightly wavy morphology conditions. Bunaken National Marine Park is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Most of the coastline consists of mangrove forests and white sand. There is a sea of hard and soft coral reefs, coral walls are steep, with various shapes and colors of marine life including fish are sharks, turtles, Mandarin Fish, sea horses, stingrays, and the famous King of the Sea is an ancient fish (Coleacant) and there are many more that make up the beautiful marine park. Beautiful sea garden can be seen in locations called Lekuan 1, 2, and 3, Fukui, Mandolin, Tanjung Paragi, Ron's Point, Sachiko Point, Pangalisang, Home Village, and East Bunaken.

Visitors who will enter the Bunaken Marine Park of Rp 50.000/person subject to ticket, the ticket is valid for those who want to dive or not to dive. There is also a ticket is valid for one year of Rp 150.000/person and will be given a kind of plastic as a badge of admission.

Where tourism and marine tourism Sea tourism visits to the object, the sea and the beach. Tourism activities to do, a way to enjoy the marine park sigtseeing (round) glass boat (catamaran), snorkeling (swim wear a respirator), diving (diving), and underwater photography (underwater photographs); and sunbathing bodies and sightseeing beach. The facilities provided in the Bunaken marine park, which filled the boat, diving center, cottage (specialty) restaurant, pavilion, and souvenir stalls. Tourism Indonesia Heaven on Earth

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