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Cruising Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung consists of two big islands situated in the South China Sea with hundreds of small islands around them. It became a new Indonesian province in 2002. Back to the 18th century, Bangka Belitung was the worlds supplier of tin, there were many Chinese coolies working in the mines in this province. That is why today Bangka Belitung is populated mainly by their Chinese descendants.

The land of Bangka Belitung is geologically different from the mainland of Sumatra as it is closer to Malaya and Kalimantan. The best beaches are situated in the Northeastern shores of the island. They offer visitors lovely white sandy beaches for diving, snorkeling, fishing and sailing that represent marine tourism development in this region. Several old Chinese temples can also be found here, many of them are still in use and attractive sites to visit.

The trading centre in Bangka Belitung is in Pangkal Pinang, a small town on the islands of Bangka that also acts as the main port of entry. Among its modern buildings, there are those with Dutch colonial architecture that will transport visitors to the past. Munthok, a small town situated in the west coast of Bangka Island was the original capital of the island. Munthok is now departing and landing point for ferry boats crossing the Bangka strait to Sumatra mainland.

Places of Interest
Port of Pangkal Balam

Pemali is a recreational park known for its hot water spring, situated about 12 kms from Sungailiat. Near from this area visitors will get an amazing view of over one hundred meters of open mining areas. When it is covered by rainwater, a splendid blue colored  lake looks magnificent with the white and red of the stones.

Sungailiat means Clay River. People visit Sungailiat for its old Chinese temple. The attraction of this Chinese temple is the unique old bell dated 1864 that was cast in Foshan, Northern Fujian province, China.

Siam Hill
The local people highly respect Siam Hill as this hill is the burial ground of The Nek Siam, a lady who is considered sacred by the local people.

Parai Beach
Among the many beautiful beaches in Bangka Belitung, the most beautiful is Parai Beach, which is located in rocky cove. The fresh water streams that spill out into the beach make this site an impressive natural tourist attraction. Fishing boats are often seen in this beach as it is the livehood of most of the villagers.

Pangkal Pinang & Beach Tour
Duration : 3 Hours 50 Minutes

08:40 Pangkal Balam,Departure
09:15 - 09:35 Open Pit Mine, Pemali
09:50 - 10:10 Local Market, Sungailiat
10:25 - 10:45 Traditional Brick Factory
11:00 - 12:45 Parai Beach, Leisure and Lunch
13:00 - 15:00 Shuttle service to Matras Beach
16:00 Pangkal Balam, Arrival

Source: Cruising Indonesia by Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Indonesia

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